Finally! Bush gives a completely true speech

Check out this speech by Bush in which the man tells it as it is. It’s a lot better for Republicans than seeing Bush getting bitch-slapped by Today Show’s Matt Lauer. (“Hey, aren’t you going to go to the fat guy for a weather update?”)

A member of the Bush Crime Family acting so pathetically? my goodness…what depths will they sink to next? (insert sobbing and crying soundtrack here).


Speaking of Bush telling the truth for a change, here’s a good editorial arguing that Bush’s Sept. 6th speech amounts to a confession of having committed war crimes (from which he is hence seeking legal immunity):

Bush confesses to war crimes

And speaking of the Bush family, here’s a new article (in Fred’s favorite news source – The Guardian) about W’s grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush and his connection to Hitler:

How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power