Finally feeling very settled in Taiwan -- We really love it here -- About time to leave?

Indeed no tears were shed for your situation :blush:.

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I’m feeling exactly this way. I don’t hate it here, but it’s a huge struggle professionally. (It seems like) either you suck it up and work like a dog for a low wage for a local company, or you work for an international company with a higher but not objectively high salary, all while your professional development opportunities are significantly stunted because you’re subservient to the folks in wherever HQ is.

I worry about growing older and having nothing to show for my “work experience” here in Taiwan (I’m in tech, but not hardware).

Software? I’ve found there’s three main options here and they all suck:

  1. Development hubs for gambling companies that masquerade as some “cloud service provider”.
  2. Crypto/AI/whatever the latest craze is.
  3. Companies started by Taiwanese born abroad to maximize payday when they start up cash in sell out bro down.

I think you have to pursue your goals, even if it turns out to be not what you wanted. I don’t suppose it would be difficult it move back to Taipei again in the future if you do leave?

A friend of mine that i went to school with was the VP of an investment bank. He was on track to be director which was his goal but resigned taking a year off this year.

I think as long as your path gives you the opportunity to have control of your life, you’re all good. Some people go down a path they’re stuck in which is where I think people become really unhappy


Not sure which direction you’re suggesting then. Cause happy wife happy life, right?
Love your photos, as usual.

This is very true. The idea was to establish Taipei as a base so that we can return any time. Of course I first need to stay long enough to get my permanent residence. Which means one more year to go…

The solution to this problem is to come from a shit hole country. I cant imagine having this sort of debate about returning to England.


When I was younger I focused on buying and selling people to make coin. I made a lot. But in the persuit of money I lost focus on keeping the first wife happy.

Wealth is nice to have and its a great tool. I can be happy with less money. I grew up poor and don’t like being poor. It’s not good for ones mental health.

So yes in a sense happy wife happy life is what I have now. Not having enough money for a family causes many unhappy marriages as well. Financial stress can be very destructive.

My current wife of over 2 decades have built up a nice life and we are business partners as well in a sense. We have a good life. I’m 64 in August so having money is important for my later years in life.


We could make that thread more realistic: I got my dividends paid out today! Wut wut!

Not as exciting as “Donald Trump’s terrible media company made me $1500 bucks.”

Some people talk about riding bikes and others about jogging. But making money is taboo? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I get the impression that @Satellite_TV deliberately didn’t offer an opinion either way. The OP will know what makes him happiest :blush:

Leaving Taiwan was the right decision for me, might not be for the OP. And also me and my spouse have both agreed that when we’re done with working, we will move back to Taiwan.

We are already discussing a 1 year sabbatical in Taiwan when our long service leave is due. We can take it at half pay and between the both of us that should be more than enough for a 1 year stint without the need to work full time

Yup just opining that at this stage in my life I choose happiness over more wealth. I earn a meagre income but it’s sufficient for my simple lifestyle.