Finally, the porsche I can afford

and with aluminum body too…







The Worlds Slowest Porsche" and “Ferdinand” made me assume it was one of these (AKA Elefant) 19 mph runabouts (missed the aluminium body bit)

  • an early demonstration that not all hybrids are environmentally friendly.

Life’s too short to watch enough of that video to confirm, so here’s a shortcut

Fraid it isn’t aluminium bodied (pity, I was thinking of foil-covering my roof and could have done with a technology demonstration). It seems to be duct tape, painted gold

Actually, thats a bit puzzling.

The lightweight skin-on-frame construction technique is, of course, at least as old as the inuit kayak, but you always get flats between the longitudanal stringers.

No exterior sign of the stringers there, though the more there are the less obvious they’ll be, and there seem to be a lot of them.

Wonder if there’s some special gimmic. Maybe the crinkles somehow distract the eye.

I posted that on my FB and people were exploding with laughter! But that’s what’s so damn funny about this vid. Is this video a JOKE, or are they actually being SERIOUS?

Probably a little of both. The host really stole the show with his akwardness.