What about yetis?

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You know someone will shoot a person during the season and claim they were hunting Bigfoot.

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Is there a shoe size definition for bigfoot? Size 14 and above maybe?

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Finally what?

Looks suspicious to me. Haven’t opened PDF.

@Rocket what you on about?


Someone warn Shaq not to visit Oklahoma


Size 23. :dizzy_face:

You could probably cross a river in one of his shoes…

Not opening attachment…

That’s easy for them to say. The range of the Bigfoot is the Pacific North-West, from northern California up through Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and into Alaska. It’s where their natural prey, the Pacific Tree Octopus, is found.


I think someone hijacked his account for posting links instead of memes.


It was easy, his password was “ineedthatguyseye”

yeah, just lazy not quoting relevant bits or explaining… I’m lazy too, wont open, or watch Youtube links etc…

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See, the problem with those yokels is that they didn’t bother to check with the USFWS, which listed Megapodus americanus as a protected species back in the 1990s.

It’s Rocket, so of course it does.

The link is to a state government website, though. That’s what “” means in the URL.

Those are in the Himalayas. Ask China, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

Yeah, exactly. Hence my suspicion :cowboy_hat_face: