Finance / Excel Tutor ? Please help me

Hi All,

I am taking an online class called Financial Modeling with MS Excel. it’s an online class from the states, but the discussion boards are not very active and professor not very responsive. This class is quite important for me and I have zero finance experience not to mention busy, so I would like to get a tutor.

Do you guys know anyone who is experienced in Financial Modeling in Taipei? Must be very familiar with financial statements, blanace sheets, budgeting, forecasting, break even analysis, valuation, capital budgeting, etc etc. Also has to be able to do all that in MS Excel.

I’m willing to pay, say around 1000 NT per hour, is that enough? In fact, if the tutor can’t meet up, we can also just do stuff over email/phone as long as the person is responsive. For email/phone we can just negotiate the price, say 10,000 NT total for the course? Workload maybe soemthing like responding to like 5-8 emails a week for 2 months? If you know the stuff it should be very easy money for you.

Please PM me thanks!!