Finance job in Taiwan?

Hey I’m a CFA candidate with a background in accounting. I’m sick of teaching English and I’m looking to make a switch. I like Taiwan and would like to work here in Finance if possible. Anyone have any starting points here? Couldn’t find anything with a brief look today on forumosa. Thanks for your help!

I hear NCL Media UK (Taiwan Branch) might be looking for a CEO…

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dasmania - you looking for corp or banking? Most entry level corp finance job are gone from Taiwan and pay terribly.

I do not know if it’s a good time now, however if you are looking for work in a stock brokerage, then they still are around. The normal route is to start working in a local one, and then work your way up from there.

I would imagine that Rih Sun, Yuanta, capital and the like still have the odd foreigner employed, an alternative is to ask and see if some of the foreign bigger ones are in need of an english editor.