Financial Requirement Abolished for Foreign Spouses?

this topic concerns the recent (late 2008) change in financial requirements for a foreign spouse. The reported change on the government website is here: … 20&ic=&cd=

If anyone has gone through an APRC application under this new rule or has inquired about it with the authorities, please share what you’ve learned.


-the website says that a foreign spouse would “be required to provide proof of income, taxpaying, movable property or real estate ownership, certificate of employment, or a self-written description of work and income to the government for verification”. [color=#4000BF]Does that mean income (and taxes declared) still must be double the minimum wage?[/color]

  • the website says proof that your spouse, parents, and in-laws are not receiving public support would meet the requirement. [color=#4000BF]Does that mean that all of them must show proof, or can just the spouse provide documentation?[/color]

-[color=#0040FF]Are the police familiar with this new rule? How is it working in practice?[/color] Different offices may have different interpretations, so how your local office is applying the new rule is of interest.

Any discussion on this topic would be appreciated.

What has this to do with APRC applications? It’s related to foreign spouses seeking citizenship, not people applying for resident cards.

"In an expression of the government’s concern for immigrant spouses, Premier Liu Chao-shiuan has announced the immediate abolishment of the requirement [color=#BF0040]for foreign spouses applying for permanent residence[/color] or for naturalization