Finding a business in Taiwan

I am looking for a business in Taiwan that goes by the names:

Shunde Shian Furniture Industries Co., Ltd
‘Shian International Co., Inc.’

How would I go about finding an address, phone number, or email address?

I’ve tried the 2 Taiwan Yellow Pages websites and both came up blank.


Try CETRA in the WTC building. they have a large database and have helped me get ideas, but never really find what I want.

Good luck,

Thanks Okami! Is there an easier way? I dont live in Taipei and dont want to do the long haul without the certainty of finding the business. Does CETRA have an email address?

try or call them at 2725-5960(number out of the 2nd last lonely planet). You’ll just have to do a search mate


This company makes metal furniture and chairs. Is it the one you are looking for? There are probably some errors in the address.

Shian International Company
27 District, Industrial Building,
Beijiao, Shunde County
Guangdong Province, China

Note: Quite a lot of Taiwanese companies have factories or branch companies in Shunde.


Best bet would go to a related store and ask for their library of phone books in the industry.

If it is a furniture store, there should be a furniture store phone book for the industry.