Finding a job with low hours/visa sponsorship

Hi all, I’ve done some surfing around the forums, but this is my first post. Perhaps this question is “Google-able”, but I find it’s usually helpful to talk to people about things regardless.

First off, I visited Taiwan for about a week 2 years ago. I visited Taipei and Hualien - I really had a great time in both places. I’ve been meaning to return in some capacity ever since.

Anyway, now I’m wondering: What is the likelihood I could find an ESL job in Taipei, 15-20 hours a week, that would take care of my visa issues/health insurance/etc?

I wouldn’t be expecting to make a lot of money; my intention would be to work, study Chinese, and do some writing/other projects on the side, hopefully while breaking even on my income from the ESL work alone. I realize that the “on the side” stuff might technically be illegal, but it would all be internet based, so I’m not too worried.

Right now I’m back in the U.S. after a 3 year gig in a Korean public elementary school. I liked Korea itself alright, but I got pretty sick of the 9-5, especially considering I spent about half of that time “desk warming”.

If I stayed in the U.S., I’d probably look for part time work anyway, so it seems like it’d be more fun (and more fulfilling) for me to venture out in Asia again.

Thanks for your input! :wink:

Oh, and FYI, I’m more concerned about the visa angle than the money. By my 3rd year in Korea I would’ve gladly taken a 50-60% pay cut if it meant proportionally less work as well, with the intention of using my free time to work on other ventures.

I’ve read that the more likely problem will be getting a job with enough hours to sponsor an ARC.

With that in mind, if you do secure a position with the 14 hours/week minimum, I’m sure other teachers at the school would be glad to take the excess hours you don’t want.

In general, schools will lie on your behalf if they want you.

I’m in your position. I don’t really worry about the money, and save plenty even with my very relaxed work schedule. However, I need visa sponsorship for the time being, and a job in something that I find personally interesting isn’t a bad gig to have.

And I hated Korea.