Finding a musical group to participate in

Is there an adult recorder ensemble in Taiwan? I play the recorders, read western notation, and would very much like to join a group if one exists. I have asked two local music teachers, and it seems that recorders are only for children, and adults, as such, do not play recorders, ever, period. Help! Thanks.


Show them this:

Or this:

Can you play tin whistle? I got an in with the local Taiwanese Irish music society.

Oooohhhh, please point me in that direction…!

I can’t find the deets now. I definitely bought a tin whistle off of a Taiwanese lad at the Celtic music festival.

I’m sorry. I can’t play the tin whistle. Or at least I’ve never tried and don’t have one to experiment on.

If you can play recorder you can play tin whistle.

There’s a Celtics music festival!?!?

There was for Paddy’s day this year. All Taiwanese organized. We were there to demo Gaelic footy.

Seriously impressed by the skills on display. These people don’t do things by halves.

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