Finding a part-time nanny in Da-An (Taipei)


My wife and me are considerign to get a nanny/house cleaner for our daughter. Right now, she’s 11 months old, and we were hoping to keep her away from kindergarden until she’s older, maybe for another year.

The thing is, my wife works from her office and she’s out most of the day, and I work mainly at home. We live with my in-laws, but only my father-in-law is retired, and he’s not comfortable enough taking care of the baby (It’s OK for a while, when I’m taking a shower, cooking lunch for my daughter, or putting her to sleep, but that’s about it).

We were thinking about having someone to help a couple of hours (maybe 4, maybe 6, depending on the cost), mon-fri, to help with that. My chinese is not specially great, so if she could speak or understand at least some basic english, It would be perfect (I guess it’s too difficult to find a filipino helper who could speak spanish and hire her in Taiwan). If not, I guess that’ll be the perfect excuse to go back to my chinese books.

Hi Blaquesmith,

I need one too! I am in very similar situation. We have 5 months old daughter. Wife going back to work, I work from home, we live alone but don’t like idea of 24/7 nanny. So we would like 8-10 hours a day nanny. Preferable to speak some English as my Chinese is only 10-words-strong. We live in the central part of Songshan.

Did you had any luck? Any ideas how to find one?