Finding a partner to learn Chinese and English

I am a Chinese. i would like to learn English with a native English speaker by MSN with voice. In exchange I would like to teach Chinese.
If anyone is interested in it , please feel free to sent email to me. TKS
My email:

Please post picture. My picture here on left.

why does it matter what she looks like??? :raspberry:

Thanks for your responses. I only wanna focus on language learning. No matter beauty or beast, the young or the aged, female or male. I am sorry I don’t enjoy putting up my photo in public. I live in Fujian Prov. of China. I write simplified Chinese and I can read traditional one also. I speak Taiwan dialect too. I have a Pakistani-British net pal who is very kind to me. He promises to chat with me in English everyday if he is free for nothing. But It seems a little difficult for me to communicate with him because his English is with strong accent and I am not good at listening. I am eager to find a native English speaker with GOOD manner and enough patient as partner to learn languages with each other by MSN with voice.
So if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact with me.
Thank you.