Finding a place to rent in central Taipei


I’m planning to start looking seriously tomorrow. I want to move out into a hotel or hostel or something for the time being. I spend my days trying to going home as much as possible and it is making my life miserable. I’ve been seriously considering camping out at a 24hr library or something and just coming back for showers when I have to. @the_bear is right that the people I’m with makes a place positive or negative, but the longer I live here, the less I like my cousin, and having to cater to roommates I never see. If I want to move out right away, what would you suggest? I just don’t know how long it’ll take to find a more permanent place to stay.


Could find an AirB&B for now. Probably easiest on short notice. That or a hotel.


I know what you mean about some family in Taiwan being so close minded and conservative.

My aunt on my fathers side is very traditional Taiwanese. I had to block her and my cousin on Facebook because she would call my parents about everything I was doing on there. Like she freaked out about me smoking a hookah thinking I’m doing some sort of drug. And drinking absinthe lighting it on fire and stuff. She doesn’t agree with how my parents raised me and my mom gets really annoyed. Her two daughters are very sheltered and they pushed so hard for them to get an education and do good in school. The older daughter studied German for some reason and doesn’t have a job or a bf because she doesn’t know how to talk to guys. Luckily the younger daughter is more outgoing by nature and had rebelled since she left for college and is living normally.

She means well but always bothers my mom about how I live my life and criticize how they give me so much freedom. Even now as an adult.


The “old lady” is Mrs. Tsai, and she’s very nice. Always hooks me up with a great short-term rental when I ask. She’s the queen of all that goes on around there, she has money, and she’s surrounded by “renao” and friends. What’s not to like?


Haven’t had any success so far. There are extremely few of what I’m looking for on 591 and people tell me that those prices are unreasonable. I guess I won’t be able to find a studio apartment, so I’m seeing some taofang this weekend. Not super happy about the need to share stuff though, especially in light of my washing machine issues in my current shared space.

Today, I overslept… to 6:30. So I’m going to be quite late to my 8am class - maybe more than half an hour. I also haven’t had breakfast so not in the best mood. I wish I had a scooter, bike, or a place to move to…


Sounds like a ‘dear diary’ excerpt…


Yep. I typically share the bus with tons of kids in uniforms. The lady selling breakfast yesterday was so confused as to why a college kid - someone not in uniform - was up so early. I just didn’t think I had to live like a high schooler anymore.


Move. right. NOW.

After class, just go to TMM. Sign up. Ask for help from a volunteer. Offer your English services in exchange. Do not leave until you have alt least 3 places to check out.

If you are in such a hurry, I can fix you up with a place that’s 8k, independent room with cable and AC and privacy and clean. Only washing is shared and we have several coin laundries in teh hood. We are exactly 17 minutes door to door to Shida -I know, I was there. Right behind teh MRT station, in an area full of eateries, parks, etc. Bit out of the way as not in central Taipei - Tapinglin- but compensates a bit with CONVENIENCE and low cost -MRT right there next door, lots of buses, lots of places to eat. Not a mountain only accessible by bus… or foot.

we have like 6 breakfast places in the radius, with 2 very good brunch options. get a flask for coffee, we have very good coffee shops nearby.


Auntie Peng has spoken.



It sounds like you’re also feeling some culture shock. I been there, it’s not easy getting used to living in a foreign country if you’ve never done it before. But, I promise you it’s a good experience in the long run and you’ll be glad looking back if you manage to make the most of it.

Also it sounds like you’ve got some tailwinds helping you out… is your dad willing to pay for the apartment for you? If you’re feeling bummed out, just remember how much worse it’d be if you were one of the (many) foreign students in Taipei who have money concerns or student debt on top of everything else.

591 can be a bit of a cesspool, but I did manage to find a really good apartment on there. It’s all about checking every day for newly posted stuff, and using the filters (especially the ‘landlord’ one—just in my experience, agents in Taipei are a bunch of jokers).


what is your budget?

sounds places around many of MRT stations may be better even if the straitline distance is longer.