Finding a real language exchange in Tainan

Hey everyone,

I’ve been refreshing my Mandarin lately (I used to live here years ago) and have got the basics back down pat, but I need to find a language exchange partner to help me progress further. (English<–>Mandarin)

It seems the websites that used to be around for this are mostly unused these days, which has left me a bit in the dark.

Any idea where to find language exchange partners down in Tainan these days? And I do mean real ones, not looking for a sneaky way to date a woman.

Thanks for any tips, advice, or website recommendations. Cheers!

(PS. if there’s already a topic section that I missed for this, my apologies.) has meetups in some cities. There is a mix of people looking to exchange languages and obviously sneaky dating.

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HelloTalk app.

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You can also try the old fashioned way and leave an ad somewhere in the campus, it should work.

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