Finding apartment for foreigners

How hard is it to find a 1 bedroom apartment in Hsinchu from June for 4 months? I don

There is a neighborhood next to the Science Park called 三期…I use to live in this neighborhood and the landlords would post red “for rent” signs all over the place…this neighborhood is filled with studios for rent to Science Park workers…I think if you spent an afternoon walking around and phoning the landlords, you can definitely find a place for rent for 4 months…

I am staying at a friends house for the first week. The probblem is I am not able to come this quarter and check things out. I am way to busy working. So I am not sure what to do
Most phone numbers belong to agents, it’s up to you to find someone speaking English. And ask about the service fee, it ranges from 1000 NT to half of the monthly rent.