Finding Offset print in Taiwan for rather small quantities

Dear all,

I am completely new in this forum and I hope you are able to help me.
I have searched around this forum and found some old topics touching my question, but not entirely answering it, so now I will try to make a topic myself. :relaxed:
We are a team of danish entrepreneurs who have recently started a toy company.
We have designed a construction toy called BAKOBA
We have been able to find the perfect manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, but we have a problem finding a good print company.
Until now we have printed our brochures in Denmark, but the shipping is costly and adds an enormous amount of time to the manufacturing process.
We need a company in Taiwan, preferably in Taichung, that can print our building instructions.
It is an A5-brochure and the paper and print quality have to be high. The quantity is around 3.000-5.000 units to start out with.

Please let me know if you have any clarifying questions!
I hope you are able to help or that you know someone who knows someone.? :slight_smile:

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Can’t help you, but I’ve always loved that kind of toy ever since I was a kid so I’ll reply just to give you visibility.

Not in Taichung, but years ago my company used to use Sun Sui in Zhonghe (New Taipei). Quality was generally very good, but the last job I had from them was five or six years ago.

Thanks @IbisWtf - very kind of you! :slight_smile:

@Camphor_Press - It looks promising, thank you!