Finding school in taiwan

Can someone help me? Seems like there arent info about Uni in taiwan everywhere . Any one knows which University is good in Taiwan? And the course i like to get myself in Business Administration is there any in Taiwan? And whats the laguage used in teaching? Chinese or English? And lastly been searching forums here and there but couldnt get any info about it , is there any local guardian ( Taiwanese ) in Taiwan to take care of you when you are studying? I really hope i can get the answer as soon as possible .

generally speaking, the language of academic instruction in taiwan is chinese. there are, no doubt, many fine business programs. i know nothing about “local guardians”.

But also i hear that they have International School right? You know any?

what is that small print at the bottom of your page?

international schools are elementary and high school level here.

There is some very useful information in this thread;

I think I remember seeing a list of websites for universities in Taiwan, but I’ve forgotten where, and a quick search didn’t turn up anything. Maybe someone else can help.

Sounds good , yeah does helps alot. Okay got some questions over here, if i decided to go into that university right am i able to transfer to like US after the second year? And does NCCU a good University which people will look up to when you graduate or just a piece of degree which aint value?

Thanks for all the reply really appreciate it :shock: :shock:

There are some links to universities here:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Thanks for all the replies from you guys. Jose are you studying @ taiwan now?