Finding somewhere to buy in Taipei

I’m looking into buying a place for myself here… perhaps even rent it out later down the line… I’ve heard Neihu and Nankang are good areas to buy. I’m wondering however… Would I have already “missed the train” on these areas if I were to buy now? Generally asking, would an investment in Taiwan property be risky? Or worth buying for rental purposes? What are the chances of a return on investment here?

I’m sorta looking for a nicer area to live… Nicer in the sense of less densely populated, less traffic, less dog shit, more trees, perhaps hillside, cleaner, that sorta nice. Convenience NOT in the sense of near a night market convenience… but more so of being far enough away from downtown to enjoy the peace while at the same time being close enough so that the commute is not much of an issue. So far, Neihu is what I have found to fit this description… then again, I’ve only been here a year so I dunno much… and I’m definitely not an expert on Taiwan real estate either.

Looking for some feedback from anyone knowledgable in this field, before I head into the real estate office… Any help and / or ideas would be highly appreciated… Feedback for other areas of Taipei would be great too… but please explain why? Thx in advance!

There are some nice areas up in the hills in Beitou. The apartments aren’t bad, wide sidewalks, tree lined streets, and very, very quiet. Sometimes it was like being in a normal country.

You’re looking in the wrong forum…Look in the real estate and housing forum. This topic has been discussed many times in there.

DOH! I havent been that far down on these forums yet. Thx Chewy.