Finding work in November?

I was hoping someone might be able to tell me if my chances are good at landing a job teaching English in mid November, preferably in Kaohsiung or Taichung. I have a BA in art, certifications in web design and film production, and am completing an 100hr online TEFL certification. I am a 30yr old white man from the States.

My plan is to finish up the online course, buy my plane ticket and be in Taiwan around Nov. 15 to do my job hunt. Do you think I could find a job within 3 weeks?

Thanks for any advice you might lend!

Yes, depending on what you’re looking for. There’s a big turn-around of English teachers in buxibans (cram schools) so there’s always an opening somewhere. If you’re completely new to Taiwan, the Taipei area may be easier to get around in at first, with lots of transportation and lots of English being spoken, but many Forumosans will likely suggest that you get out of Taipei after you’re a bit more comfortable.

Some will, some won’t.

you can probably have my job if you want. deep in hsinchu county, zhudong township. 60 000 a month, i believe, for 20 hours a week. not much of a curriculum, but paid holidays, typhoon days, and periodic paid days off when kids have their school examinations.

i’m leaving at the start of november, and i am pretty sure that they haven’t found anyone yet.

just thought i would throw it out there.

Some will, some won’t.[/quote]

Umm…isn’t that what I said? “Many” doesn’t mean “all”.

Some will, some won’t.[/quote]

Umm…isn’t that what I said? “Many” doesn’t mean “all”.[/quote]

Umm…nor does it mean “some.” I doubt as “many” people would recommend leaving Taipei as you seem to suggest. I could be wrong though

just curious… why would some forumosans suggest leaving taipei? and why would others suggest staying? (reasons?)
ty in advance

Here’s a quick summary

Taipei: more English, more expensive, MRT, non-English teaching jobs, better nightlife, more western food and shopping, more culture, crappy weather, snooty people (East Taipei), the best and the brightest from around Taiwan, safer (non-violent crime)

ex-Taipei: less English, cheaper, must own scooter because no public transit, better weather (Taichung and south), friendly people, slower pace of life, less western food, crappy infrastructure, no cultural life, less safe (non-violent crime), very few non-teaching jobs.

There are other plusses and minuses for both. I live in Taipei.

I am currently looking now in KHH again after a break and doesn’t seem to be much. But that is normal, Taipei is where you see ads everyday for.

I just said goodbye to everyone at my job… now I have to go back and sub for myself because they don’t have a replacement yet. How embarrassing. Anyways, it’s probably posted on Dewey’s site here
There’s a ton of jobs starting ASAP. So, contact Dewey!

The biggest teacher changeover for buxibans is in August … and there’s always a decent percentage of new teachers who go crazy, or just hate it so much they give up and go right back home. So there’ll probably be plenty of slots left by them around now which schools are in a rush to fill.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’m just now sending off resumes and trying to line up some interviews.