Finding work in Taiwan after marriage to Taiwan national

Recently my girlfriend and I have decided to get married, she is from the ROC and I am Dutch. Just to complicate matters more I am currently working in New York. We have decided that after our marriage, I will move to Taiwan so that we can be close to her mother who is living alone.

What pitfalls are there in us getting married and would it be better for me to look for work first or to get married live together in the US for a few months and in the mean time get a resident permit and apply for work?

On that topic I hold an MBA and 5 years of international work experience my Chinese is limited, any advice how to go about finding a suitable work in the ROC?


mloky, there’s a couple of threads here that’ll answer all your questions. One’s the marriage in Taiwan thread and the other is the OWP threads. Someone’s bound to jump on you for not reading the archives around here. On the latter, that’s a head question in one of the threads around here too. Most say come first and get a gig later.

I dunno, I suppose that depends on your girl :wink:

Sorry, just pullin’ your chain. Do as amos suggested and take a look at the threads he identified… You’ll find lots of information in them.

Congratulations and good luck.

My suggestion: Perhaps spend the first 6 months learning Mandarin Chinese . . . . That’s a useful skill to have when living here.