Finding work in Taiwan without a Bachelors

Im looking for a South African family / person that wouldn’t mind helping me find work & a place to stay.

I’m a South African sound engineer with diploma, that specialised in project management and event promotion in Cape Town. I have worked with some of the biggest South African artists and been part of international DJ & band tours. I’m looking to broaden my horizons by working in Taiwan. I’m looking to move as soon as possible, but would like to be helped by other South Africans in Taiwan after hearing that placement companies can not be trusted. I’m looking to confirm a job before leaving South Africa.

My parents support my choice to work in Taiwan but would like if I have support / help / inside info from an South African living in Taiwan.

Would be great if you could help, give your advise or tell me who I should contact

“Im looking for a South African family / person”

“I’m looking to broaden my horizons by working in Taiwan.”


Not easily, possibly not legally.
If you work in entertainment try your luck in Taipei at music venues/studios.
Also, If you’re gonna try to work under the table you might wanna work on your story, bub. ;D
good luck.