Finding Work/Obtaining ARC

Hello, I previously lived in Taiwan from 2009-2012. For the last couple of years, I have been living overseas, and I’m not sure how the visa process works now. I am a Canadian, and when I first came to Taiwan, I came on a multiple-entry visitor visa. After finding work, I was able to get my ARC without leaving the country. I will be returning to Taiwan to visit in a few weeks, then going back to Canada for Christmas, before finally returning in January to (re) settle down.

So my question is; does the visa process still work this way? Should I obtain a multiple-entry visa in Canada over Christmas, or simply fly back to Taiwan? Will this mean I have to go on a Hong Kong run?

Thanks for any help.

This really belongs in the Visa & Residency Issues subforum (MODS!!!); but yes, you can still apply for the visitor’s visa while still in Taiwan, then apply for the ARC with the visitor’s visa.