Finding work teaching in a kindergarten - current search strategies

I’m looking to find work in Taipei in a Kindergarten. Can someone please advise me of the best strategies to find a good job? I’ve looked through Tealit, but I’m wondering if there are other places I should look, whether its best to apply in person, use a recruiter etc.

Please, no judgments or advice on the legality of teaching KG here etc. I’m just looking for search strategies.

Thanks in advance.

Walk in and apply in person. Or, if you know anyone who works in one, get them to recommend you. This advice applies to most teaching positions in Taiwan.


Don’t just walk in. Kindergartens don’t do walk ins anymore due to Covid. That means applying via email and hoping you’ll get a reply.

There you go, OP, two completely conflicting pieces of advice within ten minutes.


Instead of walking straight in, you now have to wait at the door while they come to you. It is the same as pre covid. If they like what you say, you’ll be invited in.


Wear a sign saying “Get it here”.

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Unfortunately for the kindergartens their choice is extremely limited. Meanwhile they seem determined to keep paying the fairly crappy wage while shifting the boundaries re working conditions and expectations. It’s no wonder so many kindergartens and buxibans have hit the wal in the last 6 months.

That I agree with. Really struggling to get people to teach. Bigger class sizes, more spread out hours and poor pay but many wont budge and offer a bit more to new teachers.

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There are hundreds upon hundreds of schools in Taipei, only 100 on Tealit. How do you get their email?

You’re very unlikely to get a reply to an email. But, it’s worth a shot.

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I used to know a guy who couldn’t land a Kindy gig. He was here for a year before he gave up.

I once walked into a kindy and did a demo. They wanted to hire me. Feeling very proud of myself I asked if they had many people applying.

Yes, a lot of people. Don’t worry though, you are the best. You look clean.

Ha ha ha. Shower and a shave and you’re half way there.

On a serious note, some people are really not suited to it.


Sounds like me at a Brass Monkey ladies night :pleading_face:


I’m going to have to call bullshit on that one. Impossible.

EDIT: My mistake. I read Carnegie’s


I’ve taught kindergarten for 5 years so should get a job. Only problem looks like getting through the door (literally) might be a challenge.

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You’ll need some agent phone numbers.

Do you have some you trust that you’d mind sharing privately?


Nah, not a teacher.

Find the schools Facebook page. Contact through there. Will be 5 minutes max and you will have something.