Finding work teaching in a kindergarten - current search strategies

I don’t even get a look in with jobs related to my background. Too many obstacles put in the way to protect the who sucks less people that got jobs without meeting the same requirements. It’s all become a bit too much really.

Funny you mention this, i thought it was illegal for foreigners to work in a kindy. Maybe OP had gotten a local passport?

OP originally said…

Many thanks to those who have provided useful input or humor.

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This is very good advice especially if you have to teach a kid 1-on-1. In a group class you can usually have fun, build TPR, play games, and get a good dynamic going. In a 1-in-1 class there is very little you can do with a sullen or cranky child who is burned out after a day of school. You are battling not only a language barrier but also mental and emotional immaturity. It can be torturous for all parties.

If you are forced to teach weekends and evenings then make sure it’s group classes only!

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If foreigners have met the relevant criteria, mostly a clean criminal history through supplying a certified criminal history check, then they are allowed to work in kindergartens.

Ok, got it

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You assumed “tutor” must mean tutor only kids.

If you have a kid acting up, it often is because of The Asian parent — bullying the kid to to work when it’s time to play.

The Asian parent does not let the kid be a kid. It’s a crime against nature. Homosexuality is not a crime against nature. It’s instead a built in evolutionary tool to prevent overpopulation. Survival of the fittest does not occur in spite of but because of puffs. Not letting a kid be a kid however is a crime against nature

The problem is the Asian parent and yet it’s you gets fired

Recognizing when to do something fun will save you. The Asian teachers can browbeat kids, yell at them, and hit them.

The foreigner cannot. You must have different tools — a song, a dance, joke, be silly, exercise.

If you don’t have these in your toolbox for teaching kids, you are going to get fired. Soon.


Agreed. But this also goes for the schools including foreign owned schools who won’t let kids be kids… they crush them for their own gain. #Disgusting


And yet most of the coworkers are too busy playing on their phones and gossiping to even help. The kids think it’s okay to be disrespectful to foreigners. I’ve had kids hit me and try to tickle me even when I’ve ask them repeatedly to stop touching me. They think it’s okay to call me names. If it was being done to a native teacher the kid would be kicked out.

I do think the singing and dancing helps depending on the age but usually that’s the age group that isn’t too bad lol.


I’m getting an education in job search (I got my first job out of the country).

Companies reply to me and say, we’ve got this job in [not Taipei]… and its teaching elementary / some other group / thing, would you consider that? We promise that after a year you can go back to Taipei and teach kindergarten.

Then today, I’d tried that agent and they send me to an elementary school. I get there, they hand me a book and say teach these pages. I say I just came to ask about the job [answer inane questions etc.] and they say, Do you want the job or not?

I speak to the (Taiwanese) recruiter Bryan on the phone saying I specifically said Kindergarten, and… he starts arguing with me! He says that because you went to an interview in the afternoon you should know its elementary school and because you’ve been here for a year you should know a demo is expected. As I’m reading out my email to him that contradicts everything he is saying, he become aggressive in his arguing with me telling me I’m wrong.

I told everyone how unprofessional they were and they escorted me (most of the way) out of the building.

So what I’m getting at the moment is almost exclusively, I know you applied for Kindergarten but we have these other positions we want you to do. I guess people just want to palm you off into whatever meets their needs without any consideration for you.

Dude. Follow the advice given. Find the Facebook of a school you want to work for and contact then that way. Down waste your time with recruiters. They are just wasting your time trying to force you to take the worst jobs imaginable.


The only time you want to work with recruiters is for public school because they are on direct government contracts. You literally can only get certain public school jobs through the recruiters assigned to those programs (with the exception of the tftep program, but that program assigns you to whatever school they need you in anywhere in Taiwan. They also have different contracts for teachers. Don’t ask why or how because I don’t understand the convoluted bureaucracy).

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Early release for good behaviour.

This is such a Taiwan thing. In the future we will let you leave the job and find a new job.


I teach kindergarten too. Why do you want to teach kindergarten?

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I love it. You have a major impact on their lives in a way you dont when you teach them when they’re older. Everything is also simple and more fun…, though not as much in Taiwan because they really crush the kids academically, emotionally and evolutionary.

So how so I best get a job… I apply for kindergarten and they ask offer me elementary.

It’s so easy to get a kindergarten job this time of year. Just walk in and ask for jobs starting in September.

I came back to this thread because of something I witnessed today. Really really strange behavior. Hard to believe but I saw this first hand. Amazing

Are you going to tell us what the behaviour was?


I’ve been inside all day, so I know it wasn’t ME doing anything strange :smiley: