Finding work teaching in a kindergarten - current search strategies

lots of schools post their openings on facebook. Join this one, as it has almost 39k people in it and has a pretty steady flow of schools looking for teachers:

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I haven’t which is why I’m worried :fearful:


I need to know


You tease


So I go into my class and the boss says someone will be doing a 15 minute demo.

The class spots the guy. We have a big picture window to the classroom. The young man was shorter than most of my 10 year old students. The kids commented on his height. He was supposed to come in but after 10 minutes the class and myself got anxious.

I wander out into the lobby and hear the boss telling the guy (maybe for the 5th time) that he needed to do a demo. She asked him what he was going to do and he had nothing. She very helpfully gave him a book and make some suggestions but the guy refused. WTF ???

He had an English accent.

After 20 minutes were lost the boss came to me and said she’d seen nothing like that ever before.

She said the guy had already been there earlier in the week and because he was unprepared allowed him to return today to do the demo.

I can’t imagine giving this person a second chance. He was either a troubled person going through a really difficult time in his life or he simply had no clue at all about teaching.

Really a strange thing.

He could have sang a song or danced or read a story - anything - but he just expected to get the gig without having any idea about a 15 minute demo.

He really must have thought you could get hired just by showing up.

Anyhow, things must be pretty bad right now for schools if my place allowed this guy 2 opportunities and this is what the labor pool is looking like.

For obvious reasons - seems like we’ll all start getting paid more once all the parents demand their kids go home and away from the Chinese sihtheads. Surely the thin skins won’t hang around much longer either.

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Are you sure? @david1 might have been hired.

I’ve never done a demo in taiwan actually. Just interviews


I’ve never looked for work in this country, so didn’t know it was assumed I would do a demo. In the first interview I went to I just chatted for 10 minutes or so, and the second, I didn’t even know what the job was. They wouldn’t even discuss it. They just said, do you want the job or not? The answer to that would be, no. I most certainly wouldn’t want to work for the person I met.

I used to work in Vietnam, I don’t know of any companies that require you to do a demo before hiring you. So, yes, you can just get a job by showing up. I did, as do many others.


Yea schools will need to smarten their offers. The backpackers will take a few years to get back to the numbers they were before and the situation with china is not going to be attractive to the professional teachers.

Countries like Australia have a teacher shortage as well. So Taiwan will have some competition.

Also, USA with there teacher shortage is likely to be attractive to the SEA teachers who otherwise may have chosen Taiwan.

I suspect that it will be hard on schools for a few years.

Yeah my guess is that the schools will choose Filipinos teachers over raising wages. In fact I think it’s already started.

But actually maybe this is a good thing. Gives Filipinos another option with much higher pay than they get in the Philippines. Will bring south east Asians more into the social spotlight and ultimately might result in positive changes towards migrant workers. That’s my hope at least

They should have a language test, though. Not every person from the Phils has good enough English to teach it… But otherwise, yeah, lits of qualified people from that country whobcan be a great asset to Taiwan

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This is don’t disagree with. There will be flux and schools will close.

Who know. With current economic conditions Taiwan May have a baby boom.

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I’ve never seen a Chinese teacher in a classroom. Maybe you’re in the wrong country.

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I’m probably wrong. I imagine what the Chinese military is doing now will go on for months. They will begin limiting the energy imports to Taiwan. Energy rationing will begin. Teaching jobs will end because the schools won’t have electricity and the transportation system will shut down. Taxis, cars, and scooters won’t be able to fuel up.

Offices, factories, and schools will be shut because of energy rationing.

I expect we’ll hear reports of energy carriers, cargo ship, will be warned by the Chinese navy to stay away from the Taiwan ports.

It’s easy to bs a demo anyway.

Demos are technically illegal dependent upon work visa status, so the short limey might have been doing the right thing.


Out of interest, what do you do for a demo? Since I haven’t done one… they just shoved a book in my face and said teach these pages. They don’t provide me with anything other than the book… what makes a good demo?

Her rudeness alone was enough for me to leave.

People say the companies in the industry are horrible, but a company is just a group of people. Its people that do horrible things to one another.


Mea culpa, the last demo I did was over 15 years ago. I wouldn’t employ you after a demo. A good demo is somebody who shows confidence and experience within a stressful fifteen minute or so period. Very easy to bluff.

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Sing. Dance. Wear something sexy. Act crazy. Make everyone laugh. Do things that cause the kids, teachers, bosses go home and talk about you over dinner. Cause then to all of the sudden have you pop into their heads and say to themselves WTF ??? Have the boss and co-teachers spend days of their lives fantasizing about giving you a full body, well lubed massage.

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So simple

The amphetamine craze has crept into this thread too…