Fine wines, wine chillers and wine groups

Hi, I’m a Singaporean who will be posted to Taiwan in Jul this year. As you can see from my first posting, I’m also quite crazy over wines. I don’t intend to bring my wines over and hence would like to know where is a good reasonable place to shop for fine wines in Taiwan. By fine wines, I don’t really mean the first growth and DRCs but the general grand crus and good Spanish, Italian and Australian wines. I’m also looking for a small wine chiller, probably good for less than 30 bts. Anyone knows where I might get those at a decent price as I probably can’t ship it back after my assignment. Finally, anyone knows of wine tasting groups or gathering where I can meet like minded folks and have nice wines to chill?

Hi Stektan,

You won’t have any problem finding good wines in Taipei, at least if that is where you will be posted. There are a few good shops in Taipei City and one in Tienmu that used to have a monthly wine tasting. The shop is still there but not sure if they still do the tastings. One shop emails me their new selections regularly and they are a friendly and well informed shop. I’m sure they can advise you on finding a wine chiller. I think I remember seeing one at Costco but don’t know if they still have them. I’m a wine drinker but not a connoisseur, my budget doesn’t allow me to go for the finer wines but there is plenty of selection here and knowledgeable sellers. PM me if you want to know the specific ones I have purchased cases from and I’ll try to dig the info out of my files.


Hi, thanks for reply! Yes would be great if you could send me the name of the wine shop. Will check out Cosco too but I think Ineed a mmembership there.

Was walking near my hotel in Westin and came across this one wine shop close by called Adelaide Pacific which has quite a few of wines I was looking for. Didn’t buy anything yet but will look out for more options. Anyway, if there are other keen wine lovers who like to meet up, let me know.

This wine shop has wine tasting parties every month that are pretty good. The Tianmu branch has one on the last friday of every month.