Finga's base camp

Is it just me or has anybody noticed how Dereks wife treats her customers.

No smiles, grumpy attitide and determined to charge you 1nt for her re-used plastic bag.

Any comments?

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Is that all there is on Forumosa regarding Fingas? That’s damned amazing for such a legendary place!

Before the flurry of fairly recent good grubberies in Taipei Fingas was a core reason the western fare was better in Taichung than Taipei. Of course you never went there for the personalities.

Fingas does fantastic food! 'Nuff said.


Sorry to bump this old thread…

I have been to Finga’s a couple of times, and the food is definitely great - if not a little pricey.

But where else can you find a huge chicken, bacon and avacado burger with fries and gravy in Taichung?

However, the staff there have no social skills at all. I thought maybe it was because I don’t speak Chinese (well), but my Taiwanese friends said the same thing.

Go for the food, not the service.

I went for breakfast recently though and they have a new girl working there who did my head in.

She was smiling and chatting with everyone, running around the restaurant and making everyone feel at home. It was a very big departure from the normal level of service of there.

She didn’t look Taiwanese though, probably Philippino or Indonesian or another one of those poor 85NT an hour people :frowning:

I went to Fingas again on the weekend. Fantastic burgers. It’s nice to go there once a week and get a really decent western meal.

Again, the service is non existent, but that friendly girl was there again and she was awesome. They even had salt and pepper on the table! Heaven :smiley:

Finga’s is a great culinary establishment, I’ve actually made stop-offs into Taichung from the highway just to eat there!
It’s also the only place where I’ve had an argument about putting blue-cheese in a sandwich. The chef said no, can’t do, saying it wasn’t on the menu. Anywhere else I would have walked out but we got the blue-cheese burger instead in the end, something like that. Service is terrible…

I’ve never had any problems while at Finga’s. The owner’s wife has always treated us greatly, but then we never go in with an attitude of entitlement.

Same. I go there once a month or so and have always had good service. The food is reasonable, and they’re happy to do things like giving me a whole pot of sour cream instead of half cream, half salsa.

Where’s the entitlement…actually the wife is quite friendly if a bit of a stickler. When she’s not there things go to pot altogether, but the food…excellent!

As for the place across the road, The Early Bird Dinner…the most insulting boss I ever dealt with. Told me and my wife to eat across the road when I complained that our food (two sandwiches) were 45 minutes late.Didn’t even want to listen to what I had to say, just told me ‘the place across the road is more suitable for you!’. I asked him how was this possible to wait 45 mins for a sandwich and he told me that it can often be an hour wait on weekends (that’s with the place half-full). To make matters worse the food was really bland…

Yeah, the guy who owns Early Bird has a bad attitude…and his coffee is among the worst in Taichung.

I get my bread from Finga’s and will go there for a burger every now and then. I had a Thanksgiving dinner, a pasta, and a steak on different occasions at his old Italian location, but I wasn’t overly impressed. Good bread, though.

went to fingas again and looked across the street. yup empty as usual. too bad i had high hopes for that place. love the decor not many places in taichung is like that. taipei got lots. maybe was the surfboard since i miss home?

I went to Early Bird on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago (soon after it opened I suppose) and it was packed. People had to wait to get a table.

I don’t know whether it’s still like that now, or what their business is like during the week.

all i can say is dinner time weekdays or weekends. ITS DEAD!!!

during the daytime got people here and there.

Yeah so much for the average hour wait…did I mention the staff were having lunch at the bartop while we waited for an hour, the management was also enjoying a mid-day beverage.
Fingas still rates very highly for me…good quality and range of food.

Still open?

Great food, a bit overpriced.

Got my bread there. Miss that place.

my wife is craving a diet dr. pepper. anyone know where/if you can get one in taichung? if not ddp, then what about diet pepsi? thanks!

Just got back from Finga’s. Pretty good! Greek Salad was fresh and the tomatos were RED. Minestone soup was spot on. The Lazagna was a spin off, not authentic but pretty good. More like a shepard’s pie taste. Wife had the garden burger. They obviously make it themselves and it was really good. Kid’s had spegghetti and meatballs. Not spiced enough and the meatballs were tough but it’ll do in a pinch. Service was a bit slow but well intentioned. All in all, I’ll go back. They also bake their own bread. We got some sourdough to take home.

Derek’s wife Lily is a wonderful person… I’ve always had good service there… I’ve known them for years…

How about the Food service?
I am telling Derek that you made a suggestive comment about Lily :astonished:
Agree , I buy many Lasagne squares to take away. :lick:
Earlybird seems to be a weekend Breakfast/Brunch place now. Still enjoy a Ben Usually breakfast every week.

I just finished eating at Finga’s, absolutely no problem with the service! The girl who looked after us was polite, bubbly, and full of smiles.

The food was (in my opinion) bland and uneventful.

I had the minestrone soup, which was watery and lacking in.flavor. My main was the Moroccan braised lamb,which was well cooked (not too dry), but again very bland in flavor.

My BF (Taiwanese) had the Irish Snapper Pie, which he absolutelyloved, but which I also found bland .

DISCLAIMER …I have stopped smoking cigarettes, but am now a heavy user of the Ecigarette/nicotine vaporizer, I don’t know to what extent that is affecting my taste buds.

Anyway, no problems with the service.