Finish Nails

Has anyone ever seen finish nails in Taiwan (the kind without a head?) If so, do you know how to say it in Chinese?

I’ve looked for them too. No luck up in Taipei. I went to the lumberyard and construction supply place near my house. Been to the supply shops on Huan He North road. I went to that big hardware shop DIY place on Tai Yuan road just off Civic Blvd. I’ve found imported American garnet paper, 3M masking tape, wide and narrow, American construction adhesive and clear polyurethane. I’ve found dowels. I’ve found the nuts, bolts, screw shop. But I’ve never found finishing nails. Even Te Li Wu when it was still B&Q didn’t carry them.
It seems to be all air guns and factory system stuff. Am I looking in the wrong places? Someone must use a hammer and finish nails, surely. Maybe just buy a box of finish nails for guns, pick them apart and try to hammer them.

I’m in Jiayi, and it’s the same here. Went to B&Q, regular store that sells everything, and the ones that mostly sell construction stuff. No luck. I have a finish nail gun from another project a while back, but I already returned the compressor to my neighbor and it will be a hassle to get it again. I guess I will see which is cheaper: getting a second hand compressor, or getting someone back home to send me some nails in the mail.

I’m in Jiayi, send me a PM!