Fire Ant Reporting?

Sat under a lone tree on campus a few weeks ago and got bitten on the arm. Swelled up quite badly, with lesions. The tree (and the mound at its base) is the site of a large colony of aggressive ants, though I don’t know for sure they are Fire Ants.

I reported this to the University and we are going through the standard sequence of incomprehension, disbelief, indifference, inaction and irritation that one (or at least I) often encounters when trying to get Taiwanese to do something out of the ordinary.

My understanding is that Fire Ants were a notifiable pest, and that the Australians have sucessfully controlled their outbreak.

Is there some Taiwan Government agency I can/should report this to directly? (I could probably send some ant speciments on sellotape/scotch tape) or have they given up already?

Ah who cares?

Look, Ma, I can sleep on the desk in front of the computer.



The reporting links seem to be dead, but I dont think I’ve ever seen a Taiwan Government website where the links were live, so that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve given up / are faking it. Wouldn’t be astonishing, though.

I’ll try and get somwhere with the phone numbers.

Thanks again.