Fired from part time job-Any legal recourse?

I was dismissed today from a part-time job.No notice given.
Do I have any legal recourse.I was told,as many other foreign teachers have been told in the past that "some"students didn’t like my teaching style.Of course,I was totally shocked because I had never had any hassles from them,nor had I ever given any,or if I had,I had never ever been given any hint of what I might’ve done wrong by anyone at the school.What’s more is that I liked everyone,& it seemed as if everyone liked me.

Any info would be appreciated.Oh,I’m married to a Taiwanese lady,if that means anything in a situation such as this.

Best to move on and let it go. It’s been my experience that this is a commonly used phrase when the management wants to just find fresh meat or there is an actual problem. Even if you ‘didn’t’ have problems with the kids, there is a chance there were some, just not told to you.

best of luck

Thanks Nama.But I sure will kick up an almighty stink when I go to collect my money today. :smiley:

Just make sure you have the money in hand before you make noise! :wink:

Haha!I did just that!Just got back now,the fear in their eyes was most gratifying… :laughing:

I would also be scared of an ex “32” man! :slight_smile:

Pamberi ne hondo! :notworthy:

Alas,Anubis,I was not a “32” man,I just served alongside them in Angola/SWA & befriended them.I was in Infantry School.What great guys they were,& are.(32)

How long had you been working? If it was less than 90 days then they may not have to give you advance notice.

It was a lot longer than 90 days.Since approximately August last year.

For 3-12 months of service they should have to give you 10 days notice of termination without cause.

OK,so what if there was no contract?

Doesn’t matter.

Thank you.So,now how to go about things?This has never happened to me before,but it has happened to some people I’ve known,but they hadn’t been able to do anything because they had been here illegally.I am not.(Have ARC & married to a Taiwanese with household registration).

You can take them to the cleaners if you want. They can’t touch you. Plus, they’d better be very sure all their other teachers/tax situation/licensing/fire safety etc., etc. are in perfect order. At least, that’s what you can tell them. Heaven forbid that the Council of Labor Affairs get involved and “discover” something wrong with their school!

Thanks Sandman.Would anybody out there be aware of any lawyers who’d be prepared to take my case?It’s more about my utter & complete indignation of being sacked,broadsided in this way,that I’d like to illustrate to them that they cannot just fire people willy-nilly as they choose.
Thanks in advance for any further help or suggestions.

Nyet. No need for a lawyer. Take your grievance to the CLA and ask for arbitration. It’s free and (I’ve been told) binding. And (again so I’ve been told) the CLA is NOT automatically on the school’s side.
But armed with your ARC through marriage, I’d possibly be inclined to go see them again first, just for the added pleasure of putting the frighteners on them.

Well,I have just called them & told them that I will take the matter to the CLA & they said that I could do it.Apparently,they are still of the opinion that because I worked only part-time & never had a contract,that they are fully within their rights.

Yeah, what sandman said. Lawyers are quite expensive and there’s really no need to get them involved. Your school is probably used to dealing with the typical foreigner who can be disposed of at will and deported if they cause any problems. (Though those cases are not nearly as hopeless as the foreign workers often believe.) You on the other hand can march on down and file a formal complaint with the CLA without any worries of being deported. Your employer may need to be reminded of this before you do so, however.

How are you at handling discomfort? Perhaps before you go to see them again you could file all your teeth to points.

Thanks very much for your input,Jlick.I live & learn.

Funny thing about this fiasco is that I was initially teaching adults only at this little countryside buxiban,& then the owners practically begged me to teach a class of kids,(which I said I didn’t want to do in the first place)which I reluctantly agreed to do.