ok, i recently got into this canceled tv series and i love it! the more episodes i watch, the more pissed off i am that they screwed this series and ended up canceling it.

a little history on the series. it was on briefly last year in the us on fox. for some reason, they decided to show all the episodes out of order so it ended up not making sense to anyone. they put it in a crappy time slot and then canceled it without showing the last few episodes which were already filmed. since they released the dvd set, the series has developed a cult following. i heard about it through some geeky websites as it usually wins fans by word of mouth. currently, there is talk of making a full length movie out of it, but the hope is that fox will revive it or some other channel will buy the rights and continue it.

as for the story itself, think of it as something akin to the adventures of han solo in a pseudo-western setting. the BEST part of the show for me is trying to figure out what they’re saying in chinese. the show is set in the future and i guess everyone cusses in chinese. there are chinese signs all over the place and chinese phrases interjected throughout. unfortunately, the pronounciation of the cast isn’t all that great. that just makes it more fun to try to figure out what they’re trying to say, though. =)

sadly, there really is no legal way to see this show in taiwan. the dvd set is only in release in the us now. the easiest way to get the episodes is to grab it off the net. bit torrent is my choice, but you might be able to find it on other networks.

if anyone is visiting the states, grab a box set and bring it home with you to taiwan. or ask a family member to bring it when they visit.

it really is one of the most interesting shows that i’ve seen in a long time. sci-fi western with chinese cuss words. how cool is that? anyway, i suggest everyone to go see it if you can. =)