Firefox 3.0.5 won't let me customize my Toolbar!

I just upgraded from Firefox version to version 3.0.5, and now I can’t customize my Navigation Toolbar. Is there a bug in this version of Firefox? You’re supposed to be able to customize the Toolbar by going to View -> Toolbars -> Customize and then drag the buttons that you want onto the toolbar and drag the buttons that you don’t want off of the toolbar.

I can add new buttons. That works fine. But I can’t get rid of the buttons that I don’t want. For example, I don’t want the “Home” button because it is useless, but I can’t get rid of it.

Is there any solution other than uninstalling and re-installing Firefox?

It works fine for me.

I figured out the problem. I had previously deleted a file called “localstore.rdf”, which was in my Profiles folder (Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\1eiv2wrm.default). I deleted that file because when I upgraded to Firefox 3.0.5, all of my bookmarks disappeared, and by doing a Google search, I found a website ( that said in order to get my bookmarks back, I should delete my localstore.rdf file as well as a file called “places.sqlite” and then re-start Firefox. I got all of my bookmarks back, but then my Toolbar was messed up because of deleting the localstore.rdf file. Luckily, I hadn’t yet emptied my Recycle Bin, so I moved the localstore.rdf file back to my Profiles folder, and now my Toolbar (as well as everything else) works perfectly. So if anyone else has the problem of their bookmarks disappearing when they upgrade Firefox: You should just delete the file called “places.sqlite” (which is in your Profiles folder) and then restart Firefox. Then all of your bookmarks will be moved over from your bookmarks.html file into a new “places.sqlite” file, and then you will get all of your bookmarks back without messing up your Toolbar.


Good to know. I always export my bookmarks, saved passwords etc and then import them on the new install if necessary.