Firefox not rediracting? EX: In house logons

This is funny. I switched to Firefox because my computers are so infesting with something that makes using Chrome or Explorer a nightmare. Yeah, I know… reinstall… you stop the clock and give me the time to back up and do it…

Firefox seems pretty robust but it is not redirecting. Maybe that is a blessing to protect against hijacking. But still, how do I get the redirection to work. I only have three services that use auto redirection anyway. Maybe there is an option to put in trusted sites? Right now, I have to start the other web browser then log in then close it.

if you want to enable redirection for some sites:
“Tools > Options > Advanced > General” check Warn me when websites tries to redirect or reload the page

and update your plugins, especially flash and java

Thanks. Will do. I think I may keep this as my primary browser after I re-install the system. I don’t know how my wife go this hao123 on my computer already… I hate Baidu…