Fireworks and Whisky

What are you lot doing for CNY? I have a massive amount of fireworks (10000NT$ worth) and a two litre bottle of Chivas Regal. Anyone want to play? I’m a sad, bitter old man. Please love me.

Hey! I posted this 5 minutes ago. Where’s the LOVE?

Mods, please don’t temp me. I need a thread where I can talk to myself. :slight_smile:

I’m going to bump this, because I think it’s pertinent.

I raise, 3 liters of single malt and a gallon of gasoline

I love the fact that you can actually buy fireworks and alcohol in the same store.

jimi and tempo gain, I’d love to hold your hands, but I have to shift off to the in-laws house in taoyuan for CNY.

EYE love you jp, and getting drunk and blowing shit up is the cornerstone of any celebration as all good Taiwanren believe. Have fun and don’t be gloomy; it’s a wonderful world and, like, y’know.

I really, really love this thread title! My friend is going to go camping alone on a beach for CNY and he described his plans as “music and whisky.” Love that, too, maybe even better.

What sucks is that I’m sitting here flobbing my last weekend away and I’ll start student teaching on Monday and I didn’t even realize I was missing CNY until I read this thread. Now, I’m all kinda sad about it.

Whisky once, shame on you.
Whisky twice, shame on me.
Whisky thrice, all is nice.

Don’t know what it is about whisky. I like it a lot, but it takes me out too quick. I can rum all night, though, still, and I haven’t drank in ages.

OHHhh! Yes. Whisky is a very good metaphore for my friend. Now I get why I like this so much!

Anyway, I’m just rambeling. Feeling . . . the missing parts. Like phantom bits of my life that have been amputated.

You people are sweet. Replying to my sad-assed shit and all. I LOVE YOU!

Sheeite! That 2 litre bottle of Chivas has a major dent!

Sorry, all but I must report the sad demise of the 2 litre bottle of Chivas. Like all good soldiers it didn’t go down without a fight. Despite my immense intoxication, I still have 10000NT$ worth of fireworks to share. Spread the love please.

The only thing missing is beer, bait & ammo. Then it’d be just like home!

And a really neat blog site with the name of Beer, Bait and Ammo…its probably not what you think…rather…hmmm…‘eclectic’…(I really do not like to use that word, but in this case its appropo)

And something classic to listen to… … re=related


I’m bumping, cos i’ts pertinent.

I’m bumping cause I feel like doing the Bump.

i thought the whisky bottle with the major dent in it was Dimple.

Nopes. An ex post facto Chivas Regal.

How can you call a whisky “Dimple”?!? A dimple is a cute indent on a pudgy baby’s face, not a bracing spirit from the land where haute cuisine comes wrapped in a sheep’s stomach, to be portioned with a whopping great sword.

It’s like calling a super-strength lager “Pink Fruity Fizz” or something!

Heh heh, Joesax. “Dimple” is rather a gay name for whisky, but Dimple Haig is pretty good stuff.

you drinking that Belgian stuff again?