Fireworks and Whisky

[quote=“jimipresley”]Heh heh, Joesax. “Dimple” is rather a gay name for whisky, but Dimple Haig is pretty good stuff.[/quote]Hmmm… a commenter here calls it “Scotch-lite”. But of course I’d give it a go if someone put a glass in front of me. I’ll try any Scotch as long as it’s not Teacher’s or Bell’s or generic stuff from the Co-op with a gratuitous stag picture on the front.

you drinking that Belgian stuff again?[/quote] :laughing:
Not sure whether they even have super-strength lager in Belgium. Probably doesn’t go well with the waffles and cream.

I don’t drink, but I would very much like to play with fireworks. I would like to incorporate explosives with the banana, yoghurt and oat drink I bought from the cafeteria, now that I have discovered drinking it is out of the question.

Was just in a two hour meeting. How is anyone supposed to concentrate on what other people are say for two hours? I memorised the Canaletto reproductions on the wall, though, so if I ever get lost in renaissance Venice, I’ll be sorted.

Work is dull.

Omg, BC i have SUCH a cyber-crush on you.

Listening to The Bad Seeds “Your Funeral, My Trial” and drinking a fresh bottle of whisky. Does life get any better?

No, basically.

Why thank you.


Taipei is a grim place at 4:30 in the morning…

Suburban Oxford in January at 4am. HA! At least you can buy a beer.

I have an avatar! Oh yes! Words can simply not express my love for you, dear Buttercup!!!And a wee hug for uncle Joesax too. :notworthy:

Zender aka Lester, you are hereby cordially invited to Fireworks and Whisky.

[quote=“jimipresley”]I have an avatar! Oh yes! Words can simply not express my love for you, dear Buttercup!!!And a wee hug for uncle Joesax too. :notworthy:[/quote] :slight_smile: No problem. Let me know if you ever want me to tweak it for you–move the the twisted fellow up on the background a bit more, add a scenic picture or a nice color gradient in the background, that kind of thing…

Now that Buttercup’s helped you link it, it stays linked, so any changes I make are applied automatically without you needing to do anything.

Thanks for the invite. I have determined that you, jimipresly, outrock Tommy. I think he’s still listening to Michael. :laughing:

I just drank some more free whisky and something that Agung calls red wine. It reminded me of my gramma’s old rhubarb wine . . . not a fond memory.

Just one question about the fireworks . . . Are you gonna just blow IT up, or are you gonna blow SHIT up? Last night my little girl heard fireworks and asked to go onto the roof to watch. We went, and we watched . . . for about 60 seconds . . . by then, we’d both had enough. Tell me you’ve got more than sparklers, or Tommy’s back on top.

Zender, I have all of those square box mofos and lots of killer skyrockets and roman candles. Is there some love out there?

And I would love to meet your little girl.

Gonna bump this again cos it’s beyond pertinent.

Has anyone seen “The Counterfiters”? Forgive my crap speling. I just bought the DVD and going to watch it tonight.

Hey, jimi,

You best blow those off away from me.

I spent the afternoon at the park cleaning up spent fireworks and steering my kids away from the dangerous ones. I saw plenty of under-fives playing with sparklers or seated within’ 5 yards of some potential disasters.

When I was a kid, we used to go off to a neighboring state (the border) that sold all kinds of good stuff. Of course I always thought I was pretty mature for my age, and I was doing all kinds of stupid stuff. My brother kind of scared me straight when he unrolled a hundred or so firecrackers and set the powder off. It was a bit windy, and he had to get right close to keep the match going. Good thing he was wearing glasses; his eyebrows and other hair eventually grew back. The most fun was pounding a two-inch pipe into the ground, throwing in M-80s, and then dropping in a rubber ball. After that, stand back with your baseball gloves and try to catch it (we never did).

Anyway, I recommend you set off the dangerous stuff before you drink too much o’ the wicky. :joker:

Oh Zender! Mortars and bazookas! You rock so much more than Tommy!

Ironically my birthday is on the fourth of July. The day when Americans hold me in higher esteem than Tommy.

Alright. I’m going to watch a DVD and sleep a little. Thanks to dear Buttercup for telling me what “flob” is, and thanks to TomHill for originating it. mike_rophonechecker rocks way more than Tommy.