Is today an auspicious day? its around 11 30 , and there have been a hell of lot of fireworks in hsin dien area… bai bai day maybe

Yeah, I was wondering that. Did you see where they were? We saw they were just over behind Beixin Rd somewhere, but just saw the smoke, not the fireworks.

Mintzu Road, but ther eis no temple there, so dunno. There was only some politician’s headquaters, so that could be it.

so its politics, creatinga bit of re nao

bbqs, fireworks, fires, etc… as much as I enjoy the entertainment in my neighbourhood, i have to sunbathe tomorrow.

Not to mention that if you have pets, they get quite jumpy… plus the smell of powder in the air is no good for my allergies.

you guys don’t understand Chinese culture…pity

i understand chinese culture, but there wont be much culture left come 200 yrs

There won’t be anything left in 200 years, apart from cockroaches.

cockroach nation… at a cinema near you.

I take the opposite approach. When there is a rare day/night without fireworks I assume it’s an auspicious day.

I might be wrong. There was a mobile stage set, you know, the one they set up at temples nearby, so it might actually have been a religious something…