First date etiquette in Taiwan on splitting bill

I have a date coming up and quite excited about it! I’ve been chatting with this girl for a few weeks and I feel like she could be the one.

Anyways I decided on a few dinner places. The fancier ones are 1-2k NTD per person and I wouldn’t mind just paying for it but in my past dates in Taiwan they always insist on splitting so I don’t want to put her in the awkward spot of not being able to split or ordering the cheapest stuff on the menu.

What’s a good non aggressive non creepy way of suggesting that it’s my treat? I have a feeling she will refuse, and 1k is like almost a day’s salary for her so it may put her in a bad spot.

I could also pick a cheaper more local place, but feel like that doesn’t really make me stand out compared to her other dates.

Just pay when she’s not looking, when going to the bathroom or something. Don’t feel like you should go to an expensive place just to impress her. Lots of girls don’t like that. I did that on my first date with my now wife, and she still goes on about how I wasted loads of money on food we couldn’t even finish.


But it seems to have worked out!


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Do what locals do, be the first to pay the bill! Or say that you want to go to the bathroom and instead go and pay the bill :slight_smile:


Pay when she’s not looking. With a wink saying ‘oh, just get the next one. Don’t worry’. Usually that will get you a bang in two dates, worst case three.


The woman asking to split is always an opportunity to get a second date or know right away if you’re not getting one. Say you go this one, she will get the next one. You can see her reaction if you’re getting a second date or not.

If she didn’t hesitate, you can set up another date or ideas of what you two should do next. If she hesitated and looked uncomfortable, you didn’t do well.


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Pay? Why would you pay? I always get them to pay! If they are uncomfortable doing it I won’t give them a second date. If they are comfortable they are a keeper.

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Always go for coffee on first date. That way you don’t have to look at food stuck in their teeth if they turn out to be really ugly.


Thanks everyone, i picked out a high end brunch place and reserved, will try sneak to the washroom to pay the bill, hopefully my bad chinese doesn’t end up causing a scene

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I don’t know about the bathroom tactic, could come across as you being good at doing things in secret. In dating school you learn that women are attracted to the ones that are able to take care of things and take care of them. So paying the bill is a no-brainer. There should not be a shadow of a doubt that you are going to pay as a matter of course. On the other hand dating coaches say that women like to pay once in a while or contribute otherwise. In that case, accept, but not on the first date.

I want to go on a date now.


I still like to optimize how I save, for example I still use 3 Bank of America cash rewards cards that each give over 5% cash back in different categories (online, travel, gas), and it gives me a couple thousand in rewards each year. I guess every dollar counts and that’s always been my mentality.

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Do you want us to wire you up so we can put someone in the corner and feed you lines into a hidden earpiece? Cos that really seems to work well in the movies.


Just take her to McDonalds instead bro


You need to talk about this stuff on your date. All the penny-pinching and maximizing CC rewards talk is catnip to a certain type of local woman. If she’s that type, somebody’s getting laid tonight.


Chicks dig free Tupperware brah…



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I have a spoon that’s on sale NOW.