First Day of School for Aspiring Vatican Exorcists

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Quotes and exposition based on the article: The four signs of demonic possession as they may relate to -

This occurs often with non-Chinese/Taiwanese speaking Chinese/Taiwanese, repeated mutterings of Taiwan Independence slogans, or the quoting of sound bites from Annette Lu in a positive manner. Also the correct speaking of English by New Zealanders is always a sure sign of demonic possession.

Often noted as being appointed moderators of because of, not in spite of, excessive activism on a given forum(s). (also see # 4)

Illustrated by a professed knowledge of intricate grammar nuances, strange and disturbing choices of avatars and signatures, and the selection of arcane writing styles.

Demonstrated by the use, allowance, and encouragement of religious barbs and slurs of any western faith. Often accompanied by embracing any cult like philosophy as

Now there’s a story that you don’t read everyday.

Gives a new meaning to first day jitters.

:ponder: Is there some certification course available for online exorcism?

Poster A: You suck and *^W#)# don’t understand shit. What a &%$@$! thing to say, you &#@$^&!

Mod: Go back, Satan! :hand:

Poster B: You can’t tell him to &&$%^#)) stop his ((&$$(, you (&%$!

Mod: Go back, Satan! :hand: