First Family Fashion Fiasco!


Criminy! Did you check out Chen Shui-Bian’s future son-in-law’s tux in the wedding pictures released to the media last week? Baby blue with dark blue stitching on the lapels! Ouch! Don’t they have someone advising them on things like this? For the record, there is only one colour for tuxedos - black. (Unless you’re a member of the Commodores, in which case white is obviously the way to go…)

Chen’s daughter, on the other hand, had some feathers strewn about in her hair, which gave her that “Just-been-in-a-pillowfight” look, which I found really sexy! :wink:

The other picture that I found a hoot is where they’re all looking up and to the side. What are they looking at? A bird? A plane? A photographer from Next magazine parachuting into the studio?