First glimpse of the coming Revolution

Well, apparently it’s not going to be seen at E3, but USA Today managed to get the first pictures and information on the Nintendo Revolution. More to come in a few hours, according to

Do you have to buy the knives separately?

OK, this is one hell of a funky piece of information released today by Nintendo about Revolution. Not only will it be backward compatible with Gamecube games, but

Might not be a big pull for the Playstation Generation, but holy shit if that doesn’t rock my face. And they still haven’t released most of the specs, or even the controllers… I don’t think it’s going to hit PS3 or X360’s market much, but it’s a cool addition.

I wonder if they got that idea from all the emulators and ROMs floating around the web.

I also had my Xbox aaahhh errrhmmmm “modded” so I could load/play from the hard disk which is way faster especially for Jade Empires. The nice bonus was all the emulators that the dude loaded with like 200 or so games for each.

I have no doubt they did. Nintendo, like most developers and publishers, has been well aware of the emulation, hacking, and translation scene for years. They generally don’t pin most people in the scene because they’ve seen the good it can do them when they decide to do remakes or re-releases, and it’s even proven to be free market research for them, helping the companies decide to take a chance on some of the more obscure Japanese series.

I’m wondering how this retro catalogue is going to work - will it be country/region-specific in range, global, or what? Will it be a full catalogue or just selected titles? What sort of DRM will they use? How will payment work? There’s a lot to be revealed/ironed out…

…and will it just be 1st party games, or 3rd party too? Will we get free downloads for winning online tournaments? (That would rock my face off, and kick my dog on the way out).

I just want to see some screenshots, find out what the controller looks like, and also find out what that 3d patent thing is all about. Will Nintendo just release some gimmicky 3D goggles, or will it be something revolutionary?

If you go to planetgamecube they have some nice pictures of the system sitting flat, a picture of the controller ports (for GCN) and all the other colours: black, silver, white, red and green.

Also, online SSBM at launch!

Btw, Tetsuo, I’ve had this username for years. Just a coincidence.

Yeah, I think just published them too.

That 3D patent thing, if I remember right, was for capturing 3D user movements and converting them to system input of some sort. It was definitely an input-method thing, the specifics elude me at this time of night.

And the username? You wouldn’t be the first doppelganger I’ve come across, and you sure won’t be the last. This handle is like the Interweb equivalent of being called “John Smith”, I swear to God.

Well, we finally get to see what the 3D patent and the Revolution are all about: … ote-video/ … troller-2/ … 8&Itemid=2

All I can say is… holy shit. This could be abso-bloody-lutely incredible. I need to see what developers do with this. I have no doubt the first gen of games will be a bit iffy, but the second gen onward have the potential to be stellar. The possibilities for this…

I’ll be getting one. Thinking about picking up a GameCube as well (as if I don’t have enough unfinished games as it is :P).

Learn everything about the GameCube here.
The guy knows what he’s talking about.

OMG best Time Cube parody EVAR.

This just in:

E3 Wii footage 1 and 2.