First Oil Change, when to do it? (New Vehicle)

Most manuals will tell you to get your first oil change after 300 to 600km. But I’ve heard from quite a few people to get it done much earlier than that…regardless of what the dealership says.

Supposedly the majority of crap and metal shavings that fall into the oil during break in…do so very early on. I did a search and found this:

You can see by his picutres he had more garbage put in his oil in the first 30 miles than the next 270 miles combined.


that’s normal… personally i say go with your gut feeling… most of the major damaging ‘shaving’ work should be done by 3-600km… so then is the ultimate time to change your oil… i would suppose the extra filings in there after the first 30 would help to wear down the rest…