First Post!

Sorry…I just had to do it.

But it is! It’s your nine-hundred and seventy first post!

You’re evil Dr. Evil

Ahhh…this is exciting!

So, exactly how far does Greater Forumosa extend? Any boundaries?

Does it extend to Chicago? Toronto? England? Korea? Vancouver? Estonia? Paris?


Don’t go starting a constitutional debate now, tigerman. Greater Forumosa de facto is where it is. That’s all.

Satellite relay? That would extend its reach to the Exosphere.

this is weird…what’s it all about? where’s the men’s room?

It’s about a voice for us “other” Forumosans.


Just as long as it doesn’t become Americ …er I mean International Politics, all should be well in the house.

We should try to keep politics out of this forum. Stick to useful topics I say: best places to get a decent chota peg (gin and tonic), hiring sedan chair carriers, managing your servants and so on.

I think that this Forum will deal primarily with Forumosans in other expat situations, and with Forumosans transitioning back to their home countries. Does anyone want to try their hand at writing an elegant Forum intro for the index (short version) and possibly a longer version for the forum page itself?

Dr Evil, I was here first but Maoman temped it.

MM: “Ex-Formosans don’t need to be ex-forumosans. This part of the site is for those of you who have moved on, gone home, or are contemplating doing so - now or in the future. ‘Greater Forumosa’ is proof that you can take it with you when you go.”

Maoman recognizes quality and has excellent taste.

Noooooo politics. I don’t want to even hear about Overseas Taiwanese politics. There are plently of forums for that.

I think Almas has got it. It should be a networking & information source for the Foramosan Diaspora who have a strong or permanent connections to Ila Forumosa but for career or other reasons have been cast out of the garden.

Hey everyone! Get out of the way. I have something to say…


“Let me be the VERY FIRST to post in this thread!”

OK, thanks very much.
Carry on.

So does this mean we can post here when we travel?

Or are we still confined to Lesser Forumosa?

Do we have to adhere to a One Forumosa Policy?

Yes. There is only one site called forumosa. Those who try to split it will be cursed by history

I’m just here for the freaky blue Tequila and cheap smokes.