First republic in Asia

I’m sure you’ve heard ‘first republic in Asia’ before, but get this: A search on this phrase on google, turned up about 1/3 or more of the results referring to the 1912 formation of the Republic of China! Now there’s an example of Chinese cultural arrogance for you. They were completely overlooking the 1898 Malolos Republic in the Phillipines (which make up the majority ofthe Google results).

Here’s the challenge. 500 guanxi if you can find ‘the first republic in Asia’. It might not be the one you are thinking of.


Republic of Taiwan?

You mean the 1895 republic? You get my consolation prize of 50NT. Not bad, but that was the answer expected. I’m looking for something a little earlier. Who can get the 500NT? It’s a tough one.


the hellenic sates of what is now greece, perhaps?

The Republic of Lan Fang

Skeptic Yank, I meant East Asia, not Asia minor, and I’m not even sure that there were any republics in Hellenic Asia Minor. Could have been though. I’ll give you a consolation prize of 50G.

I was thinking of this one:

A republic formed briefly by a renegade general in Hokkaido, Japan in 1868. I was quite surprised by this, because I’d accepted the 1895 Taiwan Republic as the first republic in Asia.

But Mod Lang, wow, that one is really fascinating. You get the winning prize, but I’ll still give 500G to anyone else who can think of another one.


Is this site a hoax? No references whatsoever.

If real, this sounds like a militia of some sort, or a triad organization similar to the ones seen in Chinese American history.

here;s more reference I’ve read some years back…
like the stories…coz I’m hakka :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link. I wonder how the Borneo locals and the “citizens” of this “Republic” (in reality a

I assume that the correct answer is the Republic of Kinmen - Matsu.

This is a collection of islands which are under the sovereignty of the Republic of China.

Remember, in terms of any claims to ownership of “Formosa and the Pescadores”, the ROC is not considered a sovereign government, however the areas of Kinmen - Matsu have remained under continuous ROC control since 1912.

Hence, the name change from “Republic of China” to Republic of Kinmen - Matsu is clearly warranted.

(Any prize money for this submission should be donated to the “Asian American League for Humanitarian Relief in Burma.” Thank you.)