First space crime

Space crime?


It’s almost certain that at least one of these women is a really horrible and manipulative person to be with and it’s a shame their dirty laundry is being hung out for everyone to see…but I love drama, and I love space. :popcorn:

Sounds like a very weak case to me. If you give someone your password how can you complain if they log in? Nothing was stolen.

My money’s on Summer.

Anyone called Summer is likely to be a nut job. Probably really into yoga and gluten intolerant.

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The Times article went into greater detail about Summer. She used to work for the NSA and she barred her wife from legally adopting the boy even after they got married. Anne accused her of assault around the time she filed for divorce, but the charges were dropped.

Something doesn’t seem right, that’s for sure. I feel bad for the kid.

She knew the account and the password. How’s that a crime?


Okay, first of all, anyone called Summer is probably nicer than anyone called Winter.

But seriously, first space crime? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@yyy did you get booked speeding across the milky way again? Or did you jump a red dwarf?

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Don’t you just love statistics :salute: :smiley:


Oh no, I have great respect for the rule of space law! :innocent:

That moon landing you guys have been celebrating on the other hand… where was your permit for that? :rage:

Photos or it didn’t ha… hold on … the photos have come in but !!