First time filing my US Tax return with overseas income, need advice

Hi everyone, how do I file my US tax return if I’ve been working in Taiwan for half of the 2020 tax year?
I’m wondering how to calculate the amount earned in USD and if there is a tax form (Like a W2) for me to use on Turbotax Premium.
In addition, how do I qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion if 2020 is the short year preceding my full year abroad?
Advice appreaciated, thank you very much!

Define short.
Was your time in Taiwan less than 330 days? If so, you don’t qualify.

Thanks for the reply! The directions on TurboTax also indicate that I do not qualify yet, but can amend it when I qualify.

Well, to qualify, you need to meet all of the requirements.

  • Bona fide resident
  • claim Taiwan as your tax home
  • be a US citizen
  • pass the physical presence test

Check irs dot gov. All kinds of info and the forms we need.

oooh, i didn’t know there was a prorated part year exclusion. learn something new every day…

I had a similar situation. I used TurboTax which can’t be submitted online from here, so you need to mail it in. I hope your a patient individual.

Your company should give you all of your pay stubs, unless you’re one of them sketchy foreigners who works illegally and has to visa jump every three months. :eyes:

Sure it can. I do it every year.

From Taiwan to America? I wasn’t able to e-file.

Yes, every year. What form are you not allowed to file electronically?

I’ve also never been able to e-file — it doesn’t like that my residence is set to out of country and gives me an error (but have never had an issue mailing it in, just takes longer for a refund)

OP: I believe when I moved in 2016, I applied for an extension on my taxes in 2017, and then filed when I did meet the 330 day physical presence test

Can confirm, literally just e-filed.

However, every year there are forms that are “not ready yet,” which forces me to wait 2-3 weeks.

I don’t know man. The main one. 1080p or something