First time in Taiwan

I’m arriving March 10th, coming from Utah. No real plans, staying for a month and going wherever my feet take me. Would be great to meet some English speakers in/around Taipei, if anyone is up for showing a laowai around. I’m also bringing a tent to do some camping and hiking. First thing I want to do is snap a few shots of the city if anyone knows a good scenic lookout near the airport?


The airport is about an hour from the city and not at all scenic. Forget shots out there - all you’ll see are small factories and concrete buildings.

Thank you. I’m not a fan of industrial shots either. I won’t waste any time getting into the city!

Try taking a picture of Taipei 101 from Elephant Mountain. I like the juxtaposition of nature and the former tallest building in the world. (Just google image “Elephant Mountain Taipei 101” and there are plenty of examples)

I’ll check it out, Thanks BAH.

I just wonder how you know the word “laowai” already