First time ROC passport application Overseas with HHR

Hi I’m a minor (dual citizenship but never had ROC passport) trying to apply for a ROC passport to go visit Taiwan for a month or so but it requires my mom’s ID which she lost over 10 years ago. My father is deceased but my mom found household registration papers for her and me which she told me is only given to citizens. We have not been back in over 2 years…Is there a way for me to get a passport without her ID? She has an expired roc passport but wants to avoid renewing. Btw TECO LA is not answering phone calls so this is my last resort :frowning:

If TECO LA isn’t answering phone calls, try the next nearest office. The rules should be same wherever you apply, so if another TECO says that the household registration certificate is enough, then you’ll know it’s enough. You could also directly call BOCA. You say you are an ROC citizen (which of course you are by descent) but is your name already listed on the household registration certificate you found? If not, your birth may not have been registered with the Taiwanese government.

Do you know your ROC ID number? If you are on a household registration then you have it.

One thing you must be aware of is military conscription. Make sure you get this part straightened out or else you’ll be prevented from leaving! No you can’t renounce to avoid it either.

do you mean you were born in Taiwan and registered into your parents’ HHR, but left Taiiwan on your foreign passport?

Yes i have my own household registration transcript stating my relationship to my mother and father with their names and info.

I was born in Taiwan but granted US citizenship at birth because my parents started applying before I was actually born!

Thank you for tip on ID number… I shall check in the morning. I forgot to mention that I am a female, sorry!

Ohhh… thank you! I will try to contact other TECO’s. Yes my name is on the papers :slight_smile:

Are you U18?

Now minors are U18 in Taiwan.

It doesn’t change your situation much, though.
The most critical point may be that this is your first time application.

Yea, 21 doesn’t really exist in Taiwan or most other countries… in the US you are legally an adult at 18 but can’t own handguns, drink until you turn 21.

I heard 21 was chosen because in the old days that’s when you’re old enough to become a knight.

It says under 20 on the passport application tho unless that’s changed?? That kinda helps my situation as it would no longer involve my mom’s documents lol.

Maybe the documents (on TECO’s site?) are not updated yet.

BOCA’s instructions are all say “if you are under 18, …”.

Besides, nationals with HHR are supposed to leave Taiwan on ROC passport, so applications like your case mignt not be expected at TECO.

I know this is going to sound dumb, but if you are now a US citizen and are only going to be in Taiwan for a month, is traveling on an American passport out of the cards? You can stay for up to 90 days without a visa, which you would need with the NWOHR passport anyway.

If you’re on someone’s HHR you are not a NWOHR.

It’s not relevant since the OP is female but coming in on US passports do not bypass conscription, and you will still be prevented from leaving.

right now, it is out of the cards due to covid19. Foreigners need good enough reasons to enter.

Not dumb at all, no worries :slight_smile: foreigners currently need to have a visa which requires specific reasons to be approved. Seeing as I am eligible to apply for a ROC passport, I thought it would be easier to enter Taiwan with that instead of trying to get approved for a visa on my US passport.

Thank you to every single one of you that replied to my post. I truly appreciate it and hope you guys have a good rest of the year :slight_smile: thank you again!!!