Fish Hunter


Any comments on Fish Hunter? I think is either a New Zealand or Aussie chain of fish and chips outlets.
I rank Mr. Fish a notch higher than Fish Hunter, though the quality and quantity of food is about equal.
At least Mr. Fish has a somewhat more “authentic” feel about it, though the difference is marginal.
The key to all these places is not in the quality of the fish, but rather an inability to make proper batter and a reluctance to use real potatoes to make real chips.
Ok the argument might be that we’re in Asia, and potatoes ain’t the staple here. But there are decent fish and chip joints in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Even in the Middle East for that matter.
My own feelings about Fish Hunter – upon leaving I felt my wallet had been raped.


Fish Hunter – Eeeeeeeewwwwwww, heurgh, urk! urk! urk! They got chased out with their tails between their legs some time ago, didn’t they? No bloody wonder, either.

I only went once, and after seeing what they were serving, left before I even got to the counter.

Say what you will about Mr Fish’s wicked witch server, the food there is in a higher league altogether than Fish Hunter.

Why was it called Fish Hunter, anyway? Was it because they hunted and hunted but still couldn’t find any fish, so decided instead to serve styrofoam coated in breadcrumbs?

Harry, Harry, where are you? We need you here!


Fish Hunter? Is that the one that was (is?) on Fuxing just south of Nanjing East Road? I went in there once. It tried to act like it was upscale (hard to do in a not-much-converted burger joint), but what it offered was just bad, overpriced fast food.