Fish in a Can?

I love sardines from a can. Not sure about any of these fish though. I might try if healthy but a Taiwan friend said most are full of unhealthy additives. A few available are

  • Sea Chicken
  • Bamboo shoots tuna
  • Roasted eel
  • Light tuna in oil
  • Mackerel

The tuna with bamboo shoots isn’t bad albeit quite oily. I didn’t like the eel much though. The mackerel has too many bones for my liking.

Just did some googlesearch. Didn’t realize eel is so healthy. But global supplies are being depleted.

I enjoy the eel one. The tuna ones basically all taste the same to me no matter what brand. Some maybe more oily than others but to me kinda blend. Idk what 秋刀魚 is called is English but I like that a lot. I eat the canned ones here and there for a snack at night if I’m hungry and need some protein. I ate a lot of 秋刀魚 when I was a kid, not the canned ones but fresh fish. My mom says its good for the brain and makes you grow taller. Idk about the brain part but I did grow pretty tall so maybe there’s something to it.

I’m still trying to figure out if these are healthy or full of unhealthy additives.

It’s oily ike mackerel , good source of omega 3 possibly, it’s one of my favourites from BBQ places, it’s similar to sardines but a different fish too.

Turns out I was kind of right after searching .It’s called Pacific saury or Mackerel pike :grin:.

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Japanese BBQ does this very well.

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Yeah I’d never eat it from a can myself , it’s probably the cheapest one when eating out.

I often eat sardines from a can ,it’s just the tastes you get used to when younger. Interestingly you can get them from Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, all kinds of brands . Portuguese do the best I think and there’s Loads of choices like olive oil, brine, spicy etc. Sardines aren’t for everyone.
Anyone a fan of anchovies ?

I love eel but eel has gotten so expensive as it becomes rarer and rarer.

I like anchovies, but I never buy them in Taiwan. I wait for my visits to my homeland where I can buy the stuff I can recognise at prices I can accept (although it’s not exactly the cheapest sea thing).

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Will you be giving out free appetisers at the next parade ?

Yes, there will be some muffins.


Today I learnt that there’s a thing called Sea Chicken. Supposedly, it’s tuna that tastes like chicken. How they managed to achieve that is beyond me.

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It’s just tuna, mate. One of those chabuduo translations.

Google it. You’ll be shocked.

Or they stole the concept from these guys.

The company’s official explanation for the name of their product is that, in the “old days”, fishermen referred to white albacore tuna as “chicken of the sea”. It was called this because the white color of its flesh and mild flavor reminded them of chicken. The founder of the company thought this would be a unique name for a brand of tuna, and the Chicken of the Sea brand is now widely known in the Americas.


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Yeah, it goes back to the 60s in North America, when as a result of the rise of the meat packing industry as we know it today, beef, fowl, and pork were both massively plentiful and shit cheap. Nobody really wanted to eat fish if they had a choice (check what’s normally taken as the standard “traditional” North American diet).
The use of the CotS branding was also an effort to normalise fish into people’s diets.
Successfully, too, to a degree. Ask anyone who grew up in the post WWII North American heartland, and canned tuna (and salmon and sardines, to some extent) would likely have been the only fish they ate on even a semi-regular basis.
Where I grew up, it didn’t help much, everyone still pretty much hated fish.
Oh sorry, I’m forgetting, of course. the Working Mother’s meatloaf…


But the less said about them the better


Fish sticks are up there with pizza pockets as one of those foods I loved as a kid, and once a decade or so I’ll try them again for nostalgia, and nope, they’re awful.

Tuna here: does anyone recommend particular brands? I tend to buy ones with Japanese on the packaging, based mainly on a vague sense that I’d trust a Japanese brand more than a Taiwanese one.

Any one that’s in water, not oil, should be OK.

If you’re a particularly Nervous Nellie, Jason’s has loads of canned fish from Europe.


Fish sticks and those heinous oven-cooked french fries.

Not enough ketchup in the :tent: world, man…:face_vomiting: