Fish/seafood restaurant

A friend of a friend of my husband keeps raving about that fish / seafood place he went to in Taipei about a year ago. He obviously was most impressed by the fact that they had an aquarium with live sharks in or in front of the place. Now, my husband is pestering me about this place. Would anybody happen to know about it?

Apart from that, what are your suggestion on good fish/seafood places?


Might be the one on Xin Shen South Rd. just off the corner of Heping East Rd. The English name is something silly, like “Really Good Seafood”, but the food is top notch. They used to have a couple sharks in the tanks, albeit small ones. It’s held in high regard among the “Da Laoban” set here and they even have valet parking so that you don’t have to worry about scratches while your Benz is double parked outside.


Wow, thanks, we’ve passed that place many times before, and my husband has always suggested checking it out, and I wasn’t sure about that (because of the laobans).

Thanks again